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4th PAMIC – Ending Message by the Chair

Posted 30 settembre 2014 by CEIMArs Secretary in Various

Few hours ago, It ended the 4th Edition of the International Conference “Performing Arts Medicine”.

THANK YOU very much to ANSPI Jasna Gòra and to FACULTY OF 1000 London. Without them, it would not the 4th Pamic existe. Thanks.

THANK YOU to Patronage International Organizations, honor and pride of our Conference.

THANK you to all the participants: careful, stimulants, tireless, competent.

THANK YOU to all the Italian and foreign speakers: over-specialists but nevertheless simple as the great persons know and want to be.

THANK YOU to the Hon. Committee: Emma Dante, Paola Folli, Simone Ferraresi and Marcello Giordani: their presence gave a touch of extreme elegance to the Convention and has been a great incentive for the young people present in the Halls of the terrific monumental Area of the Holy Spirit in Agrigento.

THANK YOU to the Honorary Chairman Krzsystof Izdebski; humility and greatness coincide in him and challenge us.

THANK YOU to the prestigious art directors Fabio Lazzara and Marco Savatteri for having given us all the extraordinary artistic resources which Italy envies them.

THANK YOU to the Coordinator Manuel Castro for not having had a moment of respite for months and months.

THANK YOU to the Hon. Guests. To Peppe Vessicchio, honorary member of the CEIMArs, thank you for having enchanted with his ability to say what the soul does not always can translate into words. Thanks to Roberto Sinagoga for having represented the living example of what it means for an artist to do “Medicine applied to PAs”. To Marianna Pizzolato for having testified as art, smile and spontaneity can coexist without drugs and steroids,

THANK YOU to all the artists who entertained with their performances the openings and endings of the various sessions communicating the joy of feeling at home with us.

THANK YOU to the sponsors of Wine (Burruano), Grapes (Mark Stone), Sweets (The Dolceria Sutera Sardo). The palate wants its part, don’t you?

THANK YOU to the technical staff Alessandra Montante, Morena Altieri, Francesco Panedda, Daniele Caudullo, Antonio Santoro, Domenico Vetro. Without their sacrifice, nothing we could have celebrated the PAMIC.

THANK YOU to the many volunteers (Brazilian, Italian, Spanish etc) who have shown that a Congress so extraordinary is not only to take something but also to give something.

THANK YOU to the Hoteliers, to the Restaurateurs, to the municipal employees, to the press, to the entire city of Agrigento.

Last but not least, intentionally at the end, I wish to express my deep gratitude to our two secretaries (scientific and organizing). All results visible to the eyes of the whole world, it’s related to them: Cristina Lazzaro and Sophie Sammouth. Thanks. Deep gratitude for what you have done but especially for the how and the why …

THANK YOU to those who I forgot to mention… Thanks



With joy we announced that from September 27th, 2014 there is no longer the Italian Interdisciplinary Centre for Performing Arts Medicine.

From now, we will work as the Italian Association for PAM. (I have no words to express my joy).

On behalf of it, then, I have the pleasure to do everyone appointment to the 5th PAM WORLD CONFERENCE. SAVE THE DATE: December 9th 10th and 11th, 2016.



With gratitude.

Alfonso Gianluca Gucciardo

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